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1954 NSU 250

Unfortunately, I didn't know much about this interesting machine when I owned it. Those were the days before the internet. It was an OHC design and had tons of torque for a 250. Though I was not overly impressed with the pressed steel frame (no tubes), it certainly was rigid and strong (enough to take a good pounding during some of my local hill-climbing escapades).

This was an unusual machine with a very optimistic speedometer, a left-side kickstarter, monoshock within the frame and trailing (?)-link front suspension which in theory was probably the perfect anti-dive design. Unfortunately the anti-dive was not very effective on this particular model and I seem to remember wheel hop/chatter under hard braking.

I owned this bike for about two years from maybe 1968 to 1970. It provided more than one of us with exhilarating and exciting times during those summers. The bike came (as bought second-hand) without an air filter on the carburetor intake. This was probably alright in a country without dust but spelled trouble for trail riders in our part of Canada. In addition, the fuel line had been routed past the open carburetor intake. One great sunny day when three or four of us on bikes were flying along a local dirt road, the NSU backfired on deceleration, popping the fuel line from the petcock and igniting the stream of fuel now flowing past the carb. The other bikers fled to 100 yards away or more while I laid the flaming bike down. A buddy and I stayed and extinguished the flames with handfuls of sand. This was about as dangerous as you could imagine and I consider myself lucky that the fuel tank did not explode. After much cleanup, and securing the fuel line properly, the bike was back on the bush roads again a few days later.

These were simpler days, to be sure.

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