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1955 BSA Bantam D1 125

This is where it all began for me. This was my first motorcycle. It was a British bike as this was the year before the Honda 50 Step-Thru was introduced to our area and anyone who was lucky enough here to own a motorcycle, owned a BSA, Triumph, Norton or Matchless. This was just fine with me.

My dad gave me this 125 cc 2-stroke as a 13th birthday present (in 1964) and it is seen here after about two years of low budget restoration and repair. The gearbox was a 3-speed and the bike was capable of 53 mph (~85 kph). This solidly-built machine provided me with five years of absolute fun. I also learned a significant amount about maintenance and repair during this period, as well as how limited the rear plunger suspension was and how inefficient the front brake was. However, in my opinion, on a dollar for entertainment value basis, no other mechanized machine could ever compete with this bike. I sold the Bantam in 1969.

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