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1964 Velocette Viper 350

This scan from a photograph does not do justice to this beautifully preserved 350 cc single cylinder 4-stroke motorcycle. At the stage shown in the photograph, I was in the process of re-assembling the Velo. The original exhaust was unfortunately not with the bike when I bought it. This one sounded pretty good when the throttle was opened up, having a relatively large single cylinder exhausting through a somewhat unencumbered path. Here, there is much polished alloy, with many tubes and wires, a separate gearbox, a long stroke engine and adjustable (angle) rear suspension just to mention a few interesting things. Note the short length of the folding kickstart.

The Velocette Viper is definitely a road bike and has a large turning circle. This was not an advantage when I took my motorcycle road test for my license in about 1968 or 1969 (my records and memory are unfortunately not complete). I owned this very different bike for 1 or 2 years. I should never have sold this one.

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