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1970 Triumph Trophy TR6c 650

After resurrecting a partly functional TR6c which I was lucky enough to find locally for a few hundred dollars, I decided to prepare the bike for the road. As the original mufflers were not useable, I opted for a used set of downswept pipes and, unfortunately, after-market, non-original mufflers. The original exhausts were the upswept style, to the left, with a cage to protect the legs of the rider. I acquired this Triumph in about 1978 (definitely not in this condition) and after a winter's work, the bike was in good enough shape to use reliably for several years including summer transportation to work (for two of these).

This compact vertical twin OHV 650 engine design (even with it's weaknesses) is a pleasure to view (I should have had a good picture with the original exhaust clamps) and was great to ride. The bike was lightweight, had solid, reliable performance, great economy (65 miles to the Imperial gallon, about 4.4L/100 km) and was pretty straightforward to maintain. Sold about 1984. Re-acquired about 1996. Sold again in 1998.

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