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1983 Yamaha XJ900R Seca

I gave this motorcycle to my son in the summer of 2007 so that he could enjoy it (hopefully) as much as I have (Update 2011-Jul-2: he has used it daily during riding season since then and has put many 1000s of Km on it and also done some maintenance on it - front fork overhaul, brake pads, new rubber, and some hand polishing. It looks good, like a 2 or 3 year-old bike or better)(update 2014-Aug-13: the XJ is still going strong after 31 years and is still used a great deal during riding season). I bought the bike new in 1983 and it was the best all-round compromise motorcycle that I have owned so far. The bike is well suited to moderate sport riding, touring and short trips as well. The shaft drive provides a low maintenance final drive. The motor with 97 hp requires little attention after the initial 10k. The instrumentation is attractive, easy to read and provides fuel level indication as well. The fuel tank which is engineered beautifully into the lines of the bike holds an amazing 22L which is enough for about 200 miles of sport riding or perhaps 250 miles of touring. The turn signals are self-cancelling or can be easily cancelled manually, making this part of riding simpler.

The bike is large enough to feel secure and provides room for long-legged riders although still does not feel unmanageable. The exhaust note is not loud but is throaty enough under hard acceleration to satisfy most owners. The hydraulic braking system includes two large ventilated discs at the front and a single disc at the rear. The brakes are strong enough to howl the tires if needed. Although the overall look is not from the present, I still believe the appearance is not dated and the bike still looks attractive to most onlookers.


I am not sure if there is a modern replacement for this bike that has all of the features that this one has. It somehow seems unlikely with the specialization into ultra-sport, ultra-off-road and ultra-touring that seems so prevalent these days. I wonder what the equivalent compromise bike today would be.

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