Motorcycle Pictures

Here is a small collection of scans of photos representing the various motorcycles that I have owned over the years since 1964 (wow, that's 44 years in 2008!).

Unfortunately, most of the pictures are of marginal quality (in the days before digital cameras). I hope that you find them somewhat informative if not entertaining.

There is a definite bias towards bikes of British or European design even though my present bike (since 1983) is a Japanese machine. As you will probably guess if you check out the pictures, only one of these bikes was bought new. The rest were mostly low-budget restoration projects. Of course, the 1970 Triumph Daytona was only one year old when I bought it, was great-looking and required almost no mechanical work.

Don't forget to have a good look around the rest of the site. Perhaps you will find something else that interests you too. Here is a table of contents.

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1954 NSU

1955 BSA Bantam

1964 Velocette Viper

1967 Triumph Bonny

1968 Triumph Tiger

1970 Triumph Daytona

1970 Triumph Trophy

1978 Yamaha Enduro

1983 Yamaha Seca