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For Computer Builders

I am one of those who chooses to build my own computers. I have a variety of these at present, having rescued some from disposal so that I can experiment with different hardware and operating systems. Sometimes, I wonder how many others there are out there that do the same. For those who build and those who buy systems, here are a few great links to computer suppliers, specialists and builders. Why not check them out.

Memory and more

TigerDirect - have dealt with Tiger a lot and am very happy with the service.

NCIX - have bought from NCIX several times and have always happy with the service.

Tom's Hardware Guide - a substantial site that covers a lot of hardware

Internet Traffic Report - interesting up-to-date information on the present state of internet connectivity around the globe

Free Software

For an excellent place to start looking for a great variety of software, one could check out the Major Geeks site first.

Software, Hardware and Electronics Reviews

For many user reviews of all things computer, software and electronic, link to ReviewStream and reap the benefit of actual user reviews on a wide variety of products before making a decision about any item you may be shopping for in the future. This is an excellent site to which you can contribute your own opinions, if you wish, and make some money doing it. I recommend having a good look at ReviewStream for unbiased opinions based on actual experience.

Some Random Comments on the State of Documentation

When I run across a useful site, for whatever project I am involved in, I appreciate and bookmark that site, sometimes feeding back to the webmaster (occasionally with a suggestion, or a compliment, or even a correction). The tool that we have in the internet is a special one in that it is aiding (or promoting) the transition to change. Over the past few years, we have slowly been lead willingly down an unfamiliar path that will ultimately allow us to function in an ever-more-quickly changing world. This sounds a bit peculiar but I find myself realizing that even some of the reference material to which we can refer is non-static and changing, being refined, enhanced, and expanded possibly from one day to the next. This is both advantageous and confusing.

I am sure there are many occurrences each day where the paper document is out-of-date whereas the electronic copy is more recent and valid. It is interesting and exciting to follow the development of data handling. We live in a world where the quantity of data being generated could only be handled by computer. The sheer quantity makes review at detail level for all records by humans an historical idea no longer useful. Just think about the organization of your own personal information and records. If one keeps all "significant" data that one generates or receives in a lifetime, even this is not a datastore that one would look forward to searching without a sound search method. Hence the importance of great search algorithms and intelligent filtering. I am sure that this documentation transition to a full electronic period (where security and trust are no longer doubted) will be a most challenging accomplishment to finally achieve. I think we have our hands full with this one.

Software Developments

Google Earth has established itself as one of the leading graphical earth browsers Google Earth. I rely on this great piece of software. The interface has been enhanced, making navigation even better. With the increased high resolution data available now (even Chalk River, Ontario is covered), it is very easy to spend hours browsing the globe. I can't say enough about this great project and the success it has seen, no doubt because of some great programmers and a far-reaching company progressiveness. Kudos to Google, again.

Concerning Web Site Developement

As with probably all those wanting a website of their own, I quickly tired of (and used) the 5 MB limit imposed by my ISP. I could have enhanced my service for more money per month but opted to look for a better route. In my searching I came across a company called StartLogic. This company offered amazing amounts of disk space, huge traffic limits and more features than I could use at the time for just a handful of $/month. I signed with StartLogic in 2006 and have been very happy with the service and the cost to date. I have yet to use the majority of tools and applications available from them but they are there if I need them. This company continues to refine and improve it's hosting interface as time passes. I recommend web-hosting from this forward-thinking group of people to anyone requiring a stable yet up-to-date platform.

My efforts in updating this site have been greatly simplified by tutorials and reference information provided by an excellent website - W3 Schools. The site is easy to navigate, has a wealth of information and tutorials on HTML, XML, CSS, etc. If you are a novice site builder (or not), you owe it to yourself and your visitors to use W3 Schools. 

My early experience with WSIWYG page editors provided a quick way to start my site but it seemed I usually ended up looking at the code itself (text) to sort problems out. However, now StartLogic provides a simple, quick and reliable way to edit in WSIWYG mode and this is my preferred method of editing my HTML.

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