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The Good Old Days

Do you remember the good old days?

I suppose everyone has their good old days, and what this means has changed significantly in the last 50 years or so, I'm sure. From my point of view, I remember the days (I suppose it was the early sixties) when families played scrabble or cards or monopoly together.

Scrabble is still a great game and doesn't cost much (even the deluxe version, which is well worth the extra cost, is about the price of a video game or less). It can be played by a wide range of player ages and a game can be played in several minutes or an hour or so, depending on your enthusiasm. With such a varied pool of word and placement possibilities, every game is fresh and new. This game has been recently enjoying a resurgence in popularity worldwide. For those who are interested in words, here is a link to The Free Dictionary website.

School Kids  Early 1960's  Our first Chum, Dad and me with the axe

Learning to play the acoustic guitar doesn't have to be as much of a struggle as you might imagine. Check out Gibson's Skills House for more information.

Almost heaven  Me and son Dave (he's taller than me now!)  Alex, me and Dave at the cottage

Changing lenses on the Praktica   My 1955 BSA Bantam and Dad's 1959 Ford


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