Welcome to Next Big Whoop! Here you can find my photographs and comments on a few British motorcycles (BSA, Triumph and Velocette), a German bike (NSU), and Japanese bikes (Yamaha). These are from my experiences with particular models from these manufacturers that I have owned, ridden and maintained over the past several years.

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Area Background

First let me say that I appreciate the variety of living that Canada has to offer (with the majority of land being relatively untamed, so to speak). Specifically, being situated in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada for the major part of my life has provided me with the opportunity to experience a wide range of weather conditions and terrain types (although there is a slight bias towards black-fly-infested bush in the summer). At many and various spots along the Valley, one has access to the Ottawa River, making this area great for a variety of water sports from sailing to fishing (ice-fishing too) to water-skiing and swimming. Yes, there are even motorcycling enthusiasts in the area who take advantage of the scenery and the twisty, hilly roads that can be found if one looks around a little.

Here, we have winter temperatures as low as -35C to -40C while summer temperatures can be as high as 35C or higher. We have dry times and we have wet times, windy and calm, and inevitably we have lots of snow in winter (snow banks as high as four feet or more). Unfortunately, the weather is severe enough to affect the amount of time one can ride the bike, or work in the garden. In a typical year, in the Valley, one can use a motorcycle, snowmobile, four-wheeler, garden tiller, tent, boat - you name it - we have the weather for it. Unfortunately, the growing season for vegetables is somewhat short, with frost occurring as late as the middle of May, thereby making the starting of plants early under shelter or indoors almost a necessity.

The Barron Canyon is one of our area attractions, although for many years I wasn't aware of it. The hike/walk around the approximately 1 km trail takes one alongside the water, providing a 200 foot high viewpoint over this very canoe-able river. I have seen the views in winter and summer (from above and below) and I must admit this is a most beautiful experience. One should not be surprised to see, at various times and locations along the canyon, hikers, canoes, rock-climbers, wildlife of many descriptions, skiers or campers. This is a great day trip (by motorcycle too) from most places in the Valley and is only one of the many outdoor experiences available in this area. You may want to wait until black-fly and mosquito populations have subsided somewhat later in the summer unless you are comfortable protecting yourself from these.

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