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My List of Desirable Bikes

In a world where one could have a collection of production motorcycles (in mint condition, of course), I would include in but not limit my list to:

  • 1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R (twin)
  • 1970 Triumph Daytona T100R (twin)
  • 1983 Yamaha Seca XJ900R (4)
  • 60's Royal Enfield Interceptor 750 (twin)
  • 1968 BSA Rocket III (triple)
  • Late model Ducati V-twin (twin)
  • Early model Honda CBX 1000 (6)
  • 1966 Honda Trail 90 (single)
  • BMW - almost any model from any year (twin or triple)

Aesthetics is a big factor in the above-named bikes, but reliability, utility, fun, performance and innovative design are also major attractions.

Ontario Cycle Salvage Ltd. sells used motorcycle parts salvaged from old and near new motorcycles and has parts for cruisers, sport motorcycles, race bikes, classic motorcycles and collectors. They have been in business for over 20 years and have 7500 square feet of motorcycle parts. They ship motorcycles and parts locally and worldwide. This is another great place to find that part that you need at prices that are better than you expect.

There have been so many motorcycle manufacturers over the last century. Some of them are shown in the following link:

List of British motorcycle manufacturers


Bars Of Steel (Urge To Ride)

This is the place that keeps me free
Behind these bars of steel
I find such feeling waiting here
Above the spinning wheel

Here, immersed in vibrant sound
And moving with machine
I lace the countryside I've found
And wonder at the dream
Of living now and feeling fresh
Renewed throughout my being
Taking time to be in rhyme
With everything we're seeing

And when at last I turn the key
And know that leaving feeling
I feel a warmth and inner strength
"Leave with me" beginning

©RH Martin

For car enthusiasts, check out Montreal Racing.

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