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My Motorcycling Background

My grandfather rode, my father rode, I ride, and my son rides. I suppose four generations of motorcyclists in the family means that motorcycling is in our blood. I have been riding motorcycles on and off since 1964 and so far, touch wood, the sport has had few negative impacts directly on me and my family (cross my fingers). There have been several close calls for which I thank the powers that be - for the chance to learn the limits without negative consequences. I have to admit the number of miles I put on the bike each year has decreased significantly of late. However, the feeling of riding is still incomparable and exhilarating and I always look forward to the next ride.

Grand Canyon


Yamaha XJ900R

Pictures of My Bikes

Two of the longer motorcycle trips I have taken are shown in the links above. Both of these were pretty amazing. I only wish that digital cameras had been available at the time.

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