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Bobs 12-String Sigma

Brief Personal History

My first guitar was a no-name brand plywood 6-string which I bought on sale for $12.98 + 3% (I think) sales tax from Eaton's in about 1963. A picture of me with the guitar is on another page. It was a start. Over the years since that time, I have had the pleasure of playing a variety of guitars including a quite different sounding Hohner 6-string electric (can't remember the model), a 12-string Kent, a Yamaha 6-string (nylon) and a Fender F-65. The picture shown here is my eldest guitar - a 12-string Sigma DR-12-28 (occasionally active at present) that I acquired in 1988. I recently bought a used Applause 6-string (in the style of Ovation) electric acoustic guitar. I have yet to try it amplified but it is a pleasure to play. I have always been a rhythm player but wished I had the natural ability to play lead (a la Santana et al). But then, who doesn't.

For some reasonably-priced acoustic guitars, check out Acoustic Guitars $200-$500 .

Don't underestimate the value of having portable music that doesn't require but can include amplication. In the wilds of Ontario, Canada, there are very few places to plug in an electric guitar but a rugged acoustic can still be used around a campfire to produce the most wonderful times. My early years were richened at the campsite with my uncle and cousin playing guitar around the fire. These were great and unforgettable times. There is nothing to compare to the sound of one or two acoustic guitars late at night around the fire with the clear, cool night air surroundings. I am sure this is what got me started with the acoustic guitar many years ago. Thanks Unc.

Having said that, personally, I would like to own a small assortment of guitars. I need to keep the 12-string, and add a 6-string acoustic and a 6-string electric with a tiny, but solid-sounding amplifier. A Dobro-style guitar would eventually be on the list as well as a banjo of some description (4- or 5-string, not sure).

Learning To Play

For those of you who would like to improve your playing, or to start to play the guitar, Guitar Alliance is an excellent place to get the instruction and the help you might need. If you opt for lessons, the price is very reasonable. I have reviewed their site and found it well done, leaving no questions unanswered.

For those interested in looking (dreaming?) at some great-looking guitars, here are links to a few manufacturers of fine musical equipment and a couple of relevant sites..



Yamaha has it all


Martin guitars


Lyrics (careful, pop-ups)


Fender guitars plus


Great Gretsch Guitars


Gibson guitars (great site)




Ibanez guitars, etc.








Guitar Tablature/Chords

Excellent information

The WWW Guitar Advisor

Recorded Music

Even with all of this talk of making our own music, sometimes we listen to recorded music. Some of us still know what turntables and cartridges are and still have sizeable collections of LP records. We may even be looking for an LP that is hard to find. In fact, we may have given up looking. Records By Mail is a company with tens of thousands of rare vinyl LPs. If you are still looking for that album that you could never find, check them out and you may be surprised.

Things have changed a lot in the music download area. Napster was one of the first (1999) to spawn the simple distribution and increased popularity of a variety of music. In the past few years, after significant considerations, this innovative company has rebuilt itself and now provides an incredible selection of legally-downloadable music at minimal cost. Although I am sure there are many who still find ways to obtain music in other ways, paying for the efforts of many artists who provide us with so much great music has the additional reward of ensuring that the music that most of us like to have available, is still produced and available. If you like the idea of being able to search for exactly what you need or want, and get it in a jiffy, you should check out the excellent deals now offered by this company.

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