Other Photos

The Night Sky

These photographs were taken with a Canon A20 Powershot digital camera with the default settings, handheld, on the evening of April 18, 2002, just outside my home. I had to act quickly in order to get the pictures at all as this awesome sky lasted but a few minutes. If you wish, you may click on the pictures for a 640x480 version.

Night Sky 1 Night Sky 2 Night Sky 3 Night Sky 4 Night Sky 5

Our Apple Tree

This photo was taken with the same camera during the winter of 2002 from our back-yard-facing window and shows the state of our small apple tree with a beautiful backdrop.

Winter Apples

The apple tree survived the winter and produced these apple blossoms in May-2003

Apple Blossoms B - 2003 May

Apple blossoms from another angle

Apple Blossoms A - 2003 May

The Rock Wall Project

The Project 2003-June The Project 2003-Aug

The View From Above

This photo was taken several years ago from a friend's plane as we flew over the Chalk River area. It shows the area in which I have lived for many years.

My area

Google View

This picture was captured from a view with Google Earth. I have tried to keep the angle roughly the same for comparison with about the one above taken about 20 years ago. The picture linked to this one (click the picture) is from a top- down angle.

click for a different view
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