What's In (the) Store For You?

Some pretty cool stuff (FREE stuff too)!

Check here for excellent bargains on memory for your camera, PC and more.

Do you need to know where you are or where you are going? Here is one link

GPS Receivers

What about taking voice notes instead of searching for paper and pen?

Voice Recorders

And didn't you always want an excellent FREE image viewer/editor/manager that was fast and didn't include spyware and viruses. It's pretty hard to beat this first class viewer from Fast Stone. I use this program all the time. It has the ability to resize, crop, etc. as do most others but is fast, clean, intuitive and a pleasure to use. Check out their other free software as well.

Over the years, I have been looking for audio studio software that would let me play and record all of the parts of songs that I work on. There is much excellent software and software/hardware available these days for the studio musician. If you have ever promised yourself a new audio studio so that you could lay down tracks yourself and produce the next hit, here's some software that does the audio trick.

As internet connection speeds increase and PCs become more powerful, more and more of us have the capability to see the world on our PC. If your PC and internet connection meet the requirements (shown on the GOOGLE site), you definitely should have Google Earth on your PC. This is another great piece of software from a very forward-thinking company. Here's the link to the FREE version.

Have you ever wanted to place an advertisement to buy or sell anything? I know from looking for a while that there are sites out there that will give you a 30-day FREE ad depending on the options or impact you need. One of these is AdPost, which allows you to add up to 3 photos and gives you 1000 characters to describe your item, which is pretty great as far as free advertising goes. To be fair, I have also posted with and These are brief ads without pictures but nonetheless are free and are probably only relevant for those of us living in Ontario, Canada (but I suppose you never know where your buyer may come from).

I have had excellent performance from the ads thanks to northbayclassifieds.

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